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What is term life Insurance

 Term life insurance provides coverage for a specific period of time. You can buy term life insurance for periods of ten years or longer depending on your current age. We at Aptaker Agency, Inc. believe that for most people, term insurance is the best way to buy life insurance. 

Monthly rates example for 10-year level term for Super Preferred Non-Smoker male:

      $500,000                         $250,000

Age 35 - $17.94               Age 60 - $  68.21

Age 40 - $21.00               Age 65 - $116.18

Age 45 - $32.82               Age 70 - $197.75

Age 50 - $49.88               Age 75 - $387.41

       Age 55 - $82.69               Age 80 - $864.07      

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