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Aptaker  -  the only name you need to know for life insurance and annuities.       

     Our philosophy is unique.  The Aptaker business model is based on providing the information that you want, regardless of where or with whom your existing life insurance or annuity products were purchased.   We can help you with any questions, changes, or service work...with any company.  Our primary goal is not selling a policy.   A satisfied client is the mission of our company...

The Aptaker Family has established a reputation for providing quality products and service throughout the country for over 45 years. As an independent agency, we are free to market the products of most life insurance companies.  Aptaker Agency surveys the insurance market on a regular basis to determine which products and companies are providing the best value . This is part of the assurance that we provide for you…Our Product choice will be best suited to your needs and at the best price. 

Aptaker Agency, Inc.Life and Annuity ProductsProperty and Casualty DivisionImpaired Health and buying life insuranceUniveral Life Policy Review ServicesContact Info